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Smith’s Intelligent Distribution™ model

Supply chain management is challenging…markets shift, products evolve, and forecasts change. Smith’s Intelligent Distribution™ model adapts to ever-changing demands by providing seamless global electronics sourcing and logistics, regardless of distribution channel or locale. Smith’s market expertise, custom supply chain services, and flexible logistics capabilities make your supply chain leaner, faster, and more efficient. Smith’s Intelligent Distribution™ – simply smart.

  • Supply Chain Services
  • Procurement
  • Commodity Expertise
  • Quality Control


Smith’s operations focus on quality, efficiency, and speed. Certified processes, ongoing training, and continuous innovation power Smith’s global shipping and logistics hubs and offer our customers the resources they need to support large and small-scale projects anywhere in the world.

With global facilities equipped to facilitate everything from electronic component testing to total server teardowns and vendor managed inventory programs, Smith’s operations function as the arms and legs of our business, allowing us to move and process components and other electronic products quickly and securely.

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Smith is committed to protecting the environment through our procedures and practices, and we have adopted an environmental policy to [...]

Market Intelligence

The electronics business is fast paced. Current information put into context and made available when it happens is vital to keeping ahead of the curve. But the information you need can be different day-to-day. Big picture news and analysis, specific commodity trends, and open market shifts — each can be critical to specific procurement and inventory strategy decisions.

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Smith’s wide range of procurement and supply chain solutions is customized across all industries and verticals. From original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers to original design manufacturers (ODMs), Smith supports customers who innovate, engineer, and create.

Smith’s portfolio of capabilities includes a vast spectrum of customers with final applications in industries including:

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To support a wide range of customers that demand a wide range of components, we’ve developed relationships with sources all over the world – a network open-market contacts that is the largest in the industry. Our account experts engage this network from our global offices. Commodity experts provide guidance on key commodities. And Smith logistics centers in Asia, North America, and Europe assure quality and timely delivery to our customers.

In short, whether your success depends on what you know or who you know, we’ve got you covered. From the day we opened for business in 1984, we have worked overtime to earn the trust of electronics buyers worldwide by offering procurement services such as:

  • Cost savings
  • Obsolescence
  • Lifecycle management
  • Shortage sourcing

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Supply Chain Services

When electronic manufacturers run into supply chain challenges, Smith designs and delivers customized programs to solve these challenges and boost their efficiency and success.

What resources support our services?

Supporting our customers globally on large- or small-scale projects requires a wide range of resources. Smith uses the foundation we’ve built over more than thirty years to deliver our scalable, custom programs.

  • Global reach and intelligence
  • Stability and expertise
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Security and assured quality

How do we do it?

Smith utilizes a four-step process to build our solutions, from extensively studying our partners’ challenges in the solution discovery step, to planning detailed workflows, delivering on the solutions, and practicing continuous improvement to pave the way for continued success.

What benefits do our services provide?

Smith’s supply chain services let our partners reduce their inventory costs, uncover new revenue streams with our range of programs, and sharpen their operational efficiency using Smith’s VMI, onsite purchasing, testing and inspection, and logistical expertise.

Smith combines supply chain capability with electronic component knowledge to deliver results.

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Commodity Expertise

Smith offers expertise in commodity supply sources, market values, and testing and counterfeit detection. Specializing in Memory, HDD, Optical, LCD, ICs, and CPUs/chipsets, Smith provides critical commodity market information to our partners. Let Smith’s experts work for you:

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Commodity Testing