Taica Corporation

Taica Corporation

Founded in 1948, Taica Corporation has a history of innovation that serves users across industries. The company invented CUBIC PRINTING, the world’s first hydrographic printing process, in 1974 and introduced the multifunctional material Alpha GEL (αGEL®) in 1984.

Since then, Alpha GEL silicone components and materials have found a place in antivibration and shock-absorbing applications. Taica also produces high-performance Lambda GEL brand thermal interface materials (sheets, pads, paste/grease, and anti-EMI sheets/pads).

While any Taica product can be custom-built to meet your product needs, the standard range of products includes:

  • Vibration insulators that provide 4 points of support to loads of up to 661.4 lb.
  • GEL bushes that offer 4 points of support to tiny-to-small loads of up to 70 lb., providing excellent shock absorption and resistance and horizontal drift.
  • SN sheets that support a wide range of load requirements, providing instant and prolonged vibration damping when placed under a device.
  • GEL tape and GEL chips that provide softness and high performance across a variety of tape and chip forms, with adhesive on one side.
  • NP GEL, a lightweight, soft foam gel that is weather resistant, flame retardant, and durable.
  • Lambda GEL, which has been crafted to be thermal conductive, electromagnetic, wave absorbent, and electroconductive.

Taica Corporation Products

Taica’s GEL products are designed to have massive shock-absorption and pressure-dispersion capabilities – enough to keep an egg unharmed in an 18-meter drop test. Their easy adaptability in shape and firmness enables them to also provide vibration damping and stability in both low- and high-frequency regions and applications, from PC boards to power tools.

Whether this specialized material is protecting the precision electronic components in watches or smartphones, going into golf irons, supporting industrial applications, or any of many other diverse applications, it helps enable the highest quality and functionality in products.

Smith is an authorized distributor of Taica αGEL® products, and we can help provide the supplies you need for your projects.

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