Smith Supports the Medical and Healthcare Industries

Technology is a driving force for medical innovation. Let Smith procure electronic components you can rely on for your medtech build.

From rapid diagnostic tests and monitoring equipment to cutting-edge medical instruments and devices, reliable and high-quality components are at the heart of healthcare technology.

Backed by over 35 years of expertise and leadership in electronic component distribution, Smith is proud to support the medical device industry by providing key supply chain services to our medical manufacturing partners.

Customized Support to Meet Your Vital Needs

Our Intelligent Distribution™ model offers flexible solutions to your unique supply chain challenges. Smith uses its commodity expertise and market intelligence to source hard-to-find parts and efficiently manage your bill of materials. Additionally, Smith’s state-of-the-art testing facilities and premier operations and logistics hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam quickly move and process the critical components for your medical build.

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Sourcing and Quality to the Highest Standards

Medical orders are held to the highest sourcing standards and are prioritized and tracked through our internal trading and operations platform. We understand that manufacturing of medical devices calls for unwavering quality control. Smith is certified to stringent medical and aerospace and defense standards.

Experienced in Sourcing for Medical Builds

Smith sources parts found in the production of everything from glucose meters to MRI machines. We work with a broad, global network of trusted suppliers who we have formally selected, qualified, and continually evaluated to ensure their ability to provide product and service levels that meet our customers’ stringent requirements.

Intelligent Distribution™

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Smith’s commitment to quality and efficiency makes it a strategic partner to support medical manufacturing projects of any size or scope.