Smith Launches Chinese-Language Version of Website


Smith’s new Chinese-language site will increase support and convenience for a broad segment of the distributor’s customers. 

Houston, TX (January 18, 2018) – Smith, a global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, today announces the launch of the Chinese-language version of its corporate website.

Smith unveiled its new company website in early 2017, with streamlined messaging and fully responsive design that quickly acquaint visitors with the company’s service and support resources and company identity and values. The new Chinese-language site,, will make these offerings even more approachable for a wide swath of Smith’s supply chain partners.

“Smith’s business is built on relationships, and making our messaging more inclusive through this resource will help us connect more fully with a broad sector of our customers worldwide,” said Margo Evans, Smith’s Vice President of Marketing.

This is the latest step in Smith’s efforts to extend unified and consistent support to customers anywhere in the world.

“We will keep focusing on this outreach and growth,” said Choon Byun, Smith’s president of its Asia-Pacific region. “From expanding our communications to boosting engagement across regions, Smith will keep strategizing to empower our customers’ diverse needs and goals.”

About Smith

Founded in 1984, Smith sources, manages, and distributes the electronic components that go into everything from mobile phones and computers to appliances and directional drilling systems. In 16 cities around the world, from Silicon Valley to Seoul, Smith’s legion of employees communicates in 36 different languages and buys and sells components 24 hours per day, with global annual sales in excess of $1 billion. Smith is always moving: helping manufacturers navigate market shifts; customizing supply chain solutions; testing components using cutting-edge technology. With testing and logistics hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam, Smith’s processes focus on critical issues, from quality management to counterfeit prevention and environmental safety. Smith’s operations, purchasing, and sales worldwide are seamlessly integrated with the company’s global IT infrastructure, offering real-time inventory and logistics visibility anywhere in the world. Smith is the leading independent distributor of electronic components and ranks number 11 among all global distributors. Smith’s Intelligent Distribution™ model adapts to ever-changing demands by providing reliable global electronics sourcing and logistics, regardless of distribution channel or locale. For more information, please visit, or, to reach a Smith representative 24 hours a day, please call +1 713.430.3000.


For more information, contact:

Margo Evans
Smith, VP of Marketing
+1 713.430.3966