Shenzhen Employees Donate Nearly 100 Books to Underprivileged Children


Employees at Smith’s Shenzhen office recently hosted a book drive to benefit 大埔万川爱心协会, a charity association that helps underprivileged children in rural China. The office donated nearly 100 children’s books to the organization.

“These children typically live in the countryside with their grandparents while their parents work in big cities,” said Bonnie Lin, Office Administrator at our Shenzhen location. “Although the children live in a small mountain village, we hope they can see the world through books.”

The recent book drive is part of Smith’s World of Good campaign, which seeks to have a positive impact in communities on every continent where Smith has a presence. In addition to books, Smith also donated more than 100 notebooks and pens to the organization, which also helps elderly widows.

“Reading can be a wonderful lifelong hobby, be it to understand the world better or to use as a healthy escape,” said Patti Everitt, Smith’s HR & Recruiting Manager, who also oversees our CSR initiatives. “We are honored to help give these children the opportunity to have books of their own and foster their love of reading.”