Smith’s Cluj-Napoca Office Participates in Walking Month to Support Public Health Resources


Smith’s Romanian team gets moving to aid its community

The athletic charity competition Walking Month, held every year in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, concluded on October 15. This event offers community members a chance to get involved for a good cause while also working to improve their own healthy habits. From September 16 to October 15, teams of four participants each wore trackers and competed to see how many steps they could take in a month. This inclusive annual event gets people of all ability levels involved to make a difference.

This year, the competition motivated 3,115 participants to lead a healthier lifestyle by walking, running, and playing sports. In the month that the competition ran, 694 teams accumulated more than 976 million steps and donated approximately 100,000 EUR. These funds will be used to buy Transylvania’s first social ambulance, a mobile unit that will provide medical and social assistance services to residents within the rural areas of ​​Cluj County.

Smith’s Romanian team managed to achieve nearly 1.5 million steps total, which translates to roughly 708 miles (1,140 km) walked. Each team member racked up 300,000 steps for the month, or 142 miles (228 km) per person.

The social ambulance project will be finalized by the non-governmental and nonprofit organizations AHS (Hans Spalinger Association) and Beard Brothers.

Smith sales assistant Andra Cojocariu, one of the participants in the event, found it rewarding to help make a difference. “Our team here at Smith’s Cluj-Napoca office is extremely happy that we were able to make a change for the better for those in need while also supporting an upgrade of the health system in Romania,” she said.

Learn more about Smith’s other CSR efforts here at Smith Gives Back or on our Instagram (@smithweb).