Smith Munich Participates in Weihnachten-im-Schuhkarton (Christmas in a Shoebox)


The holidays are a time for giving, but many families around the world do not have the means to provide their children with extravagant celebrations – let alone the basics.

Smith’s Munich office recently had the opportunity to make the holidays a little bit better for children in need. They partnered with a local organization to participate in “Weihnachten-im-Schuhkarton,” which translates to “Christmas in a Shoebox” in English. This program provides children in need throughout Europe with gift boxes that contain a mix of treats, toys, and games, as well as practical items like clothing and personal care products.

Giving back also helped bring the Munich employees closer together.

“In addition to contributing to a great cause, the time spent shopping and packing the boxes as a team provided a good bonding opportunity for all of us,” said Dan Delloiacono, General Manager of our Munich office.

Smith partners with many different organizations and participates in corporate social responsibility (CSR) events around the world.

“As a global company, we feel that our CSR efforts are not only a great way for each office to get closer to the community around them, but they are also an important step in helping to make our entire global community stronger and healthier,” said Patti Everitt, HR & Recruiting Manager. “We love seeing our global offices doing their part, like Munich, to make the world a better place.”

Learn more about Smith’s other CSR efforts here at Smith Gives Back or on our Instagram (@smithweb).