VIDEO: Smith, The HUB Strengthen Our Community, One Sandwich at a Time


Smith’s partnership with The HUB Houston, a program for teens and young adults with neurological differences, has been fruitful on many fronts. Not only do we help our homeless community, for whom we make sandwiches bimonthly, but the partnership has also enriched the lives of the HUB students and Smith employees alike.

At least twice a month, students with The HUB and Smith employees gather to make bagged lunches for SEARCH Homeless Services, an organization that disperses the donation to Houston’s homeless population. Smith is also active in employing students from The HUB in our operations department.

In joining together for a good cause, something incredible happened.

“Our partnership with Smith has been amazing from the very beginning,” said Adrienne Thorp, The HUB’s employability specialist.

“The HUB members look up to our partners at Smith,” Adrienne continued. “This relationship with Smith allows our HUB members to practice social skills and communication and enhance their job training. Smith truly lives our mission with us, one where social relationships will flourish, academic growth will continue, and professional and employability skills are taught and practiced.”

The students at The HUB aren’t the only ones affected by this union; the bond that Smith’s employees have developed with the school and its students is immeasurable.

“When we first started our partnership with The HUB, it was simply to make sandwiches for the homeless. We didn’t know where it was going to go from there,” said Patti Everitt, Smith’s HR and recruiting manager. “But, over the course of a few months, we felt a special connection with the school. And, now, we are proud to announce that we have kicked off a mentorship program with them.”

Learn more about Smith’s partnership with The HUB by watching the video above. You can also learn more about Smith’s CSR Committee on our new CSR page.