Employees from Smith’s Guadalajara Office Repair Local Playground


Growing up should be a time of play and imagination, but unfortunately, that can be difficult for some kids. In families that are battling addiction, even the simplest of childhood joys can be overshadowed by struggle and strife.

Last month, employees from Smith’s Guadalajara office volunteered at a home for girls whose parents are facing addiction. The volunteers spent the day repainting some recently donated playground equipment, taking it from a faded and worn appearance to a fun and vibrant red. Employees also spent time playing and interacting with the girls living in the home.

“We put together some fun activities, like football and a balloon contest,” said Jessica Ruiz, Trading Manager of our Guadalajara office. “We also pampered them and painted their nails. We tried to make them feel happy for the day!”

The home is part of REMAR, an organization that develops programs for children and women in coordination with Integral Development for the Family and Jalisco Institute of Social Assistance. These programs provide basic education, health services, and community support programs to families affected by addiction.

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