Earth Day: Smith and The HUB Partner to Clean Up Littered Walkway


Celebrating Earth Day can be as simple as cleaning up your own backyard.

This year, a team of Smith’s Houston employees partnered with students from The HUB, a local program for teens and young adults with neurological differences, to clean up a well-traveled sidewalk along Hollister Street that provides passage over a drainage ditch.

The particular portion of the walkway that Smith and The HUB cleaned up connects our headquarters to a shopping plaza and nearby restaurants that are popular with employees. The path is often overgrown, causing pedestrians to step into traffic to get around the brush. Plastic wrappers, broken glass, and other trash also often block the sidewalk.

“Now the walk to lunch is so much cleaner and nicer,” said Heather Campos, senior procurement specialist at Smith.

The Smith-HUB team collected approximately 10 garbage bags full of trimmings, leaves, and litter. In addition to clearing a path that is now free of trash and overgrown bushes, our Earth Day mission this year also helped others.

“The students [from The HUB] were so empowered and proud of their hard work of trimming the trees and bagging the leaves and debris on our sidewalk,” Heather said. “They understood the importance of this cleanup and saw the before-and-after results. They were all so excited to see what could be accomplished as a team in such a short period of time because of everybody’s participation.”