Counterfeit Detection Lab


Fischerscope XRF

  • Analyze material content for small structures and small components
  • Measure coating systems
  • Determine coating thickness and composition

Jet Etch Decapsulation

  • Verify die size & manufacturers’ logos
  • Confirm part numbers
  • Inspect architecture of the die

Bond/Shear Strength Tester

  • Measure bond strengths and distributions
  • Verify bond strength compliance
  • Test integrity of materials used to attach die or surface-mounted passive elements

Targano-Magnus FHD Zip

  • Reproduce view as 60x HD image
  • Inspect with unsurpassed color
    rendition and no distortion, delay, or interference.

Dynasolve Chemical Test

  • Identify blacktopping
  • Detect sand marks & texture differences
  • Expose signs of counterfeiting

Xeltek SuperPro 3000U

  • Check if parts are programmed
  • Inspect over 48,000 total devices
  • Test devices from 211 total manufacturers

Keyence VHX-5000

  • Capture any area in complete focus
  • View with extremely high depth-of-field and integrated 2D/3D measurement system

Luxo Scopes/Meiji Scopes

  • Magnify 400x; high-powered microscopes
  • Detect blacktopping, sanding, oxidation, and retinning

C-SAM Acoustic Microscope

  • Collect pulse echo images
  • Detect voids, cracks, and delaminations
  • Penetrate blacktopping to expose markings

Counterfeit IC Detector

  • Measure unique electrical signature (PinPrint) of components
  • Compare known authentic
  • components against suspect components

X-Ray Machine

  • Verify no voids formed
  • Confirm leads and bond wires
  • Compare OEM parts to X-ray images

Solderability Test System

  • Verify solderability of component leads
  • Determine coating durability
  • Check usability of aged product (corrosion/oxidation)

Wayne Kerr 6440 A-B LCR Meter

  • Test passive components
  • Measure impedance
  • Measure capacitance, inductance, 
and resistance

Priority Labs Curve Tracer 625

  • Analyze the characteristics of anomalies
  • Verify pins/electrical continuity
  • Perform reliability analysis

Keithley 2450 Sourcemeter

  • Measure LED characteristics
  • Simultaneously measure precise voltage and/or current