Cal-Chip Electronics Inc.

Founded in 1986, Cal-Chip Electronics is a leading manufacturer of surface-mounted devices. From capacitors and resistors to inductors and more, the company produces high-quality components that find a place in products across industries.

Cal-Chip produces ceramic, tantalum, and stacked PPS-film capacitors. The company’s resistors include thick- and thin-film chip resistors and thick-film chip resistor arrays, and their inductor range is made up of standard and high-frequency multilayer chip inductors, molded-chip wire-wound inductors, and miniature chip open-type inductors.

Outside of these primary categories, Cal-Chip’s products cater to a range of other applications, including instrumentation, screen/display backlighting, and mobile devices. From ferrite beads and a broad variety of chips to flash devices and LED products, Cal-Chip components are a prime building block for leading-edge products.

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Cal-Chip Products

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