SmithSecure Engineers & Inspectors

Smith is proud to introduce its team of expert quality engineers and inspectors:

Through extensive training, experience, and industry knowledge, our inspectors and quality engineers safeguard our customers against counterfeit components. The excellence of our team of inspectors and quality engineering professionals has been validated by the stringent ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard, which recognizes quality and reliability of testing laboratories and their personnel. We proudly staff a global team that includes degreed quality engineers, IPC-certified technicians, and a broad range of expert inspectors whose time and experience in this industry have made them unrivalled in ensuring that we deliver only the best parts to each of our customers.

Guided by the high standards of our SmithSecure quality initiative, our engineers and inspectors are the finest in the industry.

What SmithSecure means to quality

Our SmithSecure framework affects everything we do, bringing nearly thirty years of market knowledge and experience together with the industry’s best practices to create a quality foundation you won’t find anywhere else. From strenuous testing in our state-of-the-art counterfeit detection laboratories to providing customers unique supply chain strategies, our SmithSecure program guarantees quality in everything we do.

ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Facilities and Personnel

The foundation of our quality program lies in our industry-leading counterfeit testing labs and procedures – and in our quality personnel. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation recognizes the accuracy, reliability, and repeatability of our testing capabilities and our quality team’s competence to provide the expert testing that guarantees good product.

Continuous Improvement

Even at the industry’s forefront, we don’t allow ourselves to stand still. From investing in the newest technologies to combat counterfeiters’ constantly-changing methods to regularly studying new inspection techniques and emerging issues across the industry, we are constantly focused on growth so we can continually provide our customers only the best products and service.


Quality Control Engineers

Our team of Quality Engineers identify and execute the best practices and latest technology for assuring quality and avoiding counterfeits. Here's what they have to say:

ChrisChris, Director of Global Quality Control
Houston, Texas USA
"I'm fascinated by the variety of different parts and learning more about the actual components that our customers are ordering. I take pride to ensure that they are getting exactly what they ordered."

RayRay, QC Supervisor
Houston, Texas
"I've been with Smith & Associates for twelve years, and I am proud to be a part of the best Quality Team in the world."


RoyRoy, Quality Manager
Hong Kong, China
"It is really interesting and challenging to verify genuine and parts in our daily operations. We exhaust various techniques and processes to verify the authenticity of parts to make sure we supply the highest quality products to our customers. I feel satisfied when all these troubles and challenges are settled."


Quality Control Inspectors

Every day our inspectors put our SmithSecure framework into action. Here's what they have to say:

AlfredAlfred, QC Specialist
Houston, Texas USA
"I've been with Smith for over a decade. Over the years, I have seen Smith's quality program evolve with the needs of its customers and the demands of the industry. I am proud to work for a company that is committed to quality."

BillBill, Operations Supervisor
Houston, Texas USA
"I have been with Smith for three years. I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with company standards and meeting all requirements to keep Smith in good standing and our customers happy."


CindyCindy, Operations
Houston, Texas USA
"I enjoy coming to work each day and trying to figure out how to do things more efficiently. It's my personal goal to make sure customers have a hassle-free and satisfying experience when they're working with Smith."

CleatCleat, Director of Operations and Admin. - Asia
Hong Kong, China

"Over the years, Smith has become the leader in supplying quality components. As Director of Operations in Asia, I proudly uphold Smith's mission to remain committed to quality and continuous improvement."


DavidDavid, QC Specialist
Houston, Texas USA
"I constantly try and find ways to improve our quality methods and efficiency. When it comes to quality, nobody tries harder to develop innovative methods and procedures than Smith."

EddieEddie, QC Specialist
Houston, Texas USA
"With my 9 years of product knowledge, I am able to spot part defects as well as non-conforming parts. This is a tremendous responsibility that saves our company and customers a lot of time and money. I find this aspect of my job to be the most rewarding."


EugeneEugene, Lab Technician
Hong Kong, China
"I'm an important part of the Smith supply chain. I make sure that customers receive the highest quality components possible."

HenryHenry, Software Tester
Houston, Texas USA
"I enjoy being a part of the quality team and making sure we ship conforming components to our customers. It's rewarding to meet such high quality standards."


JamieJamie, Operations Manager
Houston, Texas USA
"I have been with Smith since 1998, and I've gained knowledge in that time that I put to use in juggling all of my duties and seeing to it that my team does the highest quality job possible. Gaining this sort of knowledge is one of the things I enjoy most about my job."

JanetJanet, Shipping & Receiving Specialist
Houston, Texas USA
"My job can feel challenging at times, but I love that our Quality team always pulls together to get the job done right."


MikeMike, Shipping & Receiving Specialist
Houston, Texas USA
"I work each day to examine parts in high detail and work carefully with them to make sure that they're exactly what the customer ordered and that they're handled and sent out safely. Making sure this gets done is one of my biggest focuses."

PaulPaul, Shipping & Receiving Specialist
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"I enjoy being involved in the whole QC process. I enjoy the variety of the work I do, from working on the computer to being involved with hands-on and technical tasks."


RexRex, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor
Hong Kong, China
"I enjoy the challenge and sense of achievement that I get when I receive and complete a large shipment."

RonnieRonnie, Logistics Services
Houston, Texas USA
"I work to see to it that, not only are the highest quality parts shipped out according to customer specifications, but that they get to our customers efficiently. Seeing our team follow things through right from start to finish is important to me."


WahWah, Warehouse Supervisor
Hong Kong, China
"I have been with Smith & Associates for 10 years, and I find that making every shipment on time without getting anything wrong is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my job."

ZanetaZaneta, Operations Services Supervisor
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"Because orders can vary a great deal, my job includes a variety of responsibilities. I enjoy working in technology and being able to confirm that the parts we ship meet customers' requirements."

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