There’s quality in everything we do.

Delivering superior quality products and services requires hard work from everyone. SmithSecure is our framework for focusing that energy.

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The Product of Experience and Commitment

At Smith, you can't talk about quality without talking about SmithSecure.   All aspects of Smith's business – the products we distribute and the services we provide – benefit from the focus on quality established by the SmithSecure framework. 

So what exactly is SmithSecure?  SmithSecure is an overall program – we call it a framework -- for ensuring that our customers receive top quality products and services from Smith.  This framework fuses our real world experiences and knowledge with industry best practices to set high standards for quality throughout our business. 

These standards are reflected in four specific programs:


SecureSource means our vendors are screened to assure that we receive only top quality parts. At Smith, we believe that vendor screening is the first line of defense against counterfeit components.

Vendor Screening
  • Formal Selection Process
  • Vendor Application
  • Vendor Performance Metrics
  • Vendor Audits
Ongoing Vendor Management
  • Internal Vendor Rating System Based on:
    • Performance
    • Credit Worthiness
    • Delivery Record
Custom Sourcing
  • Based on customer specifications


SecureService offers customers the strategies and products needed to keep supply chains running securely. Smith's Supply Chain Strategies help our customers reduce carrying costs, minimize the effects of future price increases or shortages and achieve accuracy in cost planning.

Smith's Supply Chain Strategies
  • A Hedge Against Anticipated Price Increase
  • Fixed Source for Inventory
  • Reduce Carrying Costs


SecureTest uses Smith's in-house resources to assure product quality. Smith was one of the first independent distributors to build an in-house testing lab, which we provisioned with the most advanced  in-house tools to verify component authenticity and functionality.

Counterfeit Detection
  • Decapsulation Machine
  • X-Ray Machine
  • Stereo & Metallurgical Microscopes
  • XRF Analyzer
  • Marking Permanency Test / Resistance to Solvents Test
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscope
  • Solderability Test Machine
  • Counterfeit IC Detector
  • General Analyzer
Visual Inspection
  • Comprehensive Inspection Process
  • Certified Inspectors
Functionality Tests
  • CPU
  • Hard Drives
  • Board Level
  • Memory
  • LCDs
  • Portable Storage Devices
  • Peripherals


SecureTech is our commitment to inform you of critical market and industry data. Our SecureTech program is focused on building and sharing our expertise in a host of ways, not only with our own global team but with our partners as well.

  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • Quarterly Analysis
  • Industry Blog
Commodity Expertise
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Display Panels
  • Hard Drives
Internal Training
  • In-Depth Departmental Training
  • Quality Inspector Certifications
  • Ongoing Development
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