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Smith PCBA Manufacturing Services

A partner that adds value

Smith PCBA Manufacturing Services add value by providing high-quality products, rapid turnaround, and double-digit cost savings. Lower your project cost without compromising speed or quality:

  • Highly trained assemblers
  • Latest technology SMT & inspection equipment
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Positive PPV
  • Dedicated NPI line for 2- week delivery
  • 4-6 week delivery for full turnkey production

Turnkey solutions for SMT, PTH, and Mixed Technology PCBAs

Smith's PCBA manufacturing team uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that all of your SMT, PTH and mixed technology specifications are met exactly and on schedule. Smith's partner manufacturing facility operates 6 manufacturing lines. Our industry leading manufacturing processes allow us to properly manage and fulfill hi-rel requirements.

  • 10-zone ovens
  • SMT pick and place
  • Paste screen printer
  • PCB router
  • ISO Class 1-5 cleanrooms
  • 60 Hakko soldering stations with scopes (10X-40X) and pre-heaters
  • PTH prep stations
  • Ventilated conformal coating rooms
  • Separate encapsulation and potting area


The latest in PCBA manufacturing technologies

Our state-of-the-art cleaning and manufacturing equipment is compliant with industry standards and is operated by a team trained in the latest IPC610 and J-Std 001 workmanship standards and Hi-Rel PCBA manufacturing processes. Our operational process and attention to detail bring consistent quality and results to every project.

Cleaning Equipment:

  • Closed-loop aqueous cleaning system w/ ultrasonic option
  • Terpenator cleaner - Self-contained manual cleaning station with agitated chemical solution for organic fluxes (RA/RMA)
  • Stencil cleaner

Manufacturing Equipment:

  • Down to 0402 package and 300 micron fine-pitch placement
  • Vision system and laser inspection for all types of components
  • Separate NPI line for quick-turn prototypes
  • Aqueous cleaning system for water soluble and other non-organic fluxes
  • Terpenator for RA and RMA fluxes

Engineering support to save time and money

We’ll help you produce high-quality products at reduced costs. Our certified engineers provide value-added engineering support services, including testing, validation, and design services to expedite your project and ensure success.

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for test (DFT)
  • In-circuit testing (ICT)
  • Flying probe testing
  • PCBA layout (Altium, Eagle, ORCAD, etc.)
  • LabVIEW automated testing and validation system
  • ESS testing up to 150°C

Reliability, cost reduction, and fast turnaround

Smith PCBA Manufacturing Services bring value to your engineering and manufacturing process by providing high-quality products, rapid turnaround, and cost reduction.

  • Sourcing and hi-rel manufacturing expertise combine to offer the highest-quality PCBAs.
  • Market expertise and a low-cost manufacturing model provide the best pricing.
  • A dedicated NPI/prototype line and a single focus on PCBA manufacturing mean rapid turnaround.

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