Reduce total cost of inventory ownership

Smith can reduce your total cost of inventory ownership.

When it comes to inventory, cost and price are two different things. We understand that you are looking for more than low component prices, you also need to reduce inventory costs. Our Supply Chain Strategies address direct and indirect inventory costs to offer you overall lower costs:

Assured quality saves you money in the long run.

Assured quality avoids costs associated with testing, production down-time, and reworking. Any inventory purchased and managed by us will meet our vendor screening and quality control measures.

Avoid unnecessary shipping and warehousing expenses.

Freight and storage of inventory represents a significant cost. Smith's global network of logistic hubs and partners can be deployed to minimize logistics costs.

Efficient inventory management minimizes expenses.

Planning, forecasting, tracking, kitting and replenishing inventory takes time and resources. Smith's experience, expertise and cutting edge systems assure that the costs of managing inventory are minimized.

Smith helps you avoid costly engineering changes.

A long term, guaranteed stocking agreement for components means that engineering changes are mitigated as components go end-of-life. Smith can also offer crosses and upgrades prior to end-of-life to ensure the Bill of Material (BOM) is viable long term.

Smith Supply Chain Strategies bring financial freedom.

Our supply chain strategies offer you the efficiency of pulling product as it's needed -- an efficiency that avoids long term financing of large lots of components.

Case Study: Service Supply Chain Strategies

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