Recycle Waste in Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Protect the environment from harmful e-waste

When remarketing simply is not an option, we will review recycling and/or disposition options and ensure that disposal is handled in a green manner. Our Chain-of-Custody disposition reports help reduce your risk of fines and fees associates with improper disposal of IT assets.

Zero Landfill, Zero Incineration, Zero Waste Export

At Smith, we believe in giving IT waste a second chance at life. Any scrap material is re-purposed rather than sent to landfills. We use only certified third party recycling partners who are EPA compliant, and we perform audits to confirm compliance to our standards for environmental protection. Our zero landfill, zero incineration and zero waste export recycling policies ensure that all materials are handled with the environment in mind. Materials are reused and recycled in a green manner.

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