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The people, the systems and even the facilities at Smith are focused exclusively on supporting electronics buyers.

You might be surprised to hear us say that we can find just about any electronic component that you need, but Smith offers a comprehensive line-up of virtually all the electronic components currently used by our customers. That includes makers of computers, personal electronics and mobile phones, plus telecommunications, industrial medical and aviation equipment manufacturers.

How do we do it? One look at our line card shows that we need some powerful resources to source all these parts.


Experienced People

We start with highly trained, experienced account representatives. They’ve built strong relationships with all the key sources in the open market, which puts a host of parts at our fingertips.


Global Platform

We pair our human expertise with information technology. A global trading platform extends each trader’s personal relationships to the entire Smith team.


Specialized Logistics

Our operations and logistic capabilities are specialized – we only sell electronic components and IT equipment. So our logistics staff knows how to handle electronics, evaluate them, test them and ship them.


In the end, you get the parts that you need, when you need them.

Submit a requirement and let us show you how we can deliver.

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