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Meet the Face of Smith PPV!

Using the most current global data on component market pricing and supply, Smith's PPV program tracks down cost-savings opportunities on the components you need, from memory to ICs.

The face of this dynamic program is PPV Man, a supply chain superhero who - along with his lab-technician-by-day teammate, Captain Quality - battles Standard Pricing and other supply chain antagonists in Smith's comics. These storylines dramatize the day-to-day challenges purchasing professionals face and the ways Smith's expanded PPV program can help you get the best pricing, quality, and service.

Your struggles to find the best pricing may not always be an epic battle - but they can feel like it. With PPV Man and Smith, you'll always have a hero on your side in your own supply chain adventures.

Start reading our issue below!

We’ll be posting new pages regularly, but if you’d like to read all of PPV Man’s adventures now, sign up at the right to receive your copy. 

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