Measure Asset Marketability

Our experts will assess the value of your CPUs, memory, HDDs, ODDs and full systems

The first step in our CycleIT program for creating a successful asset recovery strategy is understanding the residual value of your IT equipment and components. CycleIT includes IT evaluations that outline the market value of your retired assets. Here's how the process works:

Asset Identification

Send us your asset list

Your asset list should include the model numbers of your equipment along with any additional details you can provide such as storage capacity, when it was purchased, and original purchase amount. We'll use this information to give you a snapshot of your asset value; our market experts can even meet with you for on-site assistance.

Asset Evaluation

We measure marketability

We strive to provide a quick response to your request for asset evaluation. Evaluation times vary between 1-5 business days depending on the length and variety of your asset list. Your asset evaluation will be a comprehensive report that will include the market value of your assets and recommendations for further action.

Recovery Strategy

We provide solutions

Smith's evaluation process includes recommendations on the best plan to suit your needs. We'll work with you to create a strategy that meets your objectives for asset disposition. Your asset disposition strategy might include a combination of services including refurbishing, remarketing, recycling, and/or destruction.

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