Manage Component Lifecycles

Smith knows component lifecycles.

Managing component lifecycle changes is challenging. Faced with multiple vendors and thousands of parts, you must constantly monitor component life stages to keep supply chains efficient and operable. Through planning and forecasting based on your bill of materials, Smith can help manage component lifecycle changes.

Component lifecycle reporting prevents supply chain disruptions.

Recognizing lifecycle changes early on helps you maintain consistent product functionality. To prevent supply chain disruptions, Smith tracks component lifecycles and can inform you of product changes and revisions.

Smith helps you plan ahead for warranty and repair.

Securing end-of-life product can be essential to fulfill your customer service agreements for warranty and repair. As components near end-of-life, Smith can assist with volume purchases, and can hub components for Just-in-Time Production or Repair.

Smith locates obsolete parts or finds alternatives.

Service and repair requirements can cause demand for certain parts to remain long after they go obsolete. Smith can often find obsolete components or identify alternates

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