Hub Components for Just-In-Time Production or Repair

Reduce holding costs with Smith component hubbing.

Component Hubbing for JIT production or repair reduces inventory holding costs and can significantly reduce total cost of inventory ownership. Smith's Supply Chain Strategies integrate cost-saving open market sourcing with inventory warehousing and logistics solutions to decrease your capital exposure.

Smith can act as an off-site fixed source for components.

Smith analyzes your bills of materials and production forecasts, so forecasted orders can go straight from the receiving dock to the production line. Smith can stock components for you as a hedge against anticipated price increases, and will act as a fixed source for end-of-life components for production or service requirements. Inventory is hubbed in Smith's ESD Safe Warehouses and can be expedited quickly and efficiently. Smith's component hubbing gives you the security of having emergency inventory available for worldwide delivery within days.

Smith VMI: The benefits of on-hand parts without the burdens of ownership.

On-site Vendor Managed Inventory: Having inventory on-hand without the burden of ownership allows you to have immediate access to the parts you need while holding costs down. Smith can manage a segregated on-site inventory location at your facility to ensure availability of critical components for production and repairs.

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