Erase and Wipe Data Securely

Smith's hard drive wiping secures your data by erasing it completely

Data wiping is the process of overwriting data on a hard drive. Our in-house data wipe machines permanently remove information from hard drives to Department of Defense (DoD) standards. We perform a 3-pass data wipe on every drive we erase. Whether your asset recovery strategy calls for wiping a single hard drive or thousands, we'll get the job done safely and securely.

Fully Secured Data Wipe Lab

Staffed with a team of highly trained technicians, our data wipe lab is a fully secured space under video surveillance. Our in-house equipment gives you the option for equipment destruction and data wiping. Smith's certified technicians follow business and environmental operations that are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

Completely Documented Certificates of Disposition

We provide you with a certificate of disposition for each drive wiped. The certificate includes confirmation that the drive was successfully overwritten in accordance with DoD 5220.22-M standards. It also provides additional details such as the date of the data wipe, hardware used for the wipe, and the HD type, make, serial number, and drive capacity.

Highly Experienced Data Wipe Technicians

In addition to technical training, our data wipe technicians receive extensive security training. We understand the importance of keeping your sensitive data secure. That's why all of our technicians must undergo a background check and drug screen. We lead the industry in quality and believe in ongoing training.

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