Disposition Slow Moving or Excess Inventory

Market, sell and consign excess inventory with Smith.

Excess inventory can create a heavy financial burden. The longer components sit untouched on warehouse shelves, the greater the potential for loss can be. With new products being released constantly, and date codes expiring daily, components can go obsolete and lose resale value. Smith Supply Chain Strategies include a variety of asset recovery options for excess inventory:

Smith knows what sells and who buys it.

Determining the current market value of excess inventory requires component knowledge and market expertise. Experts in supply sources and market values, Our Commodity Managers provide analysis of excess lists to measure resale potential and identify the best strategy for asset recovery. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Need to move excess quickly?
Smith might buy the lot.

Lot buys grant very fast returns on investment and offer you a quick way to move excess inventory off your warehouse shelves and your balance sheets. Depending on the results of the marketability assessment and your timeline for moving excess, Smith will buy your inventory lots if it is mutually beneficial.

Consignment to Smith frees up your space and capital.

Consignment offers you an opportunity to free up warehouse space and receive the greatest return on investment for marketable excess inventory. Depending on your preference, consigned inventory can be stored at Smith's ESD Safe Warehouses in Houston, Amsterdam, or Hong Kong. Once consigned, Smith will market and resell inventory and ship product direct from stock. Smith matches buyer and sellers by utilizing long-standing relationships with major electronics OEMs and EMS providers and up to the minute market knowledge. Excess lists are uploaded into our internal database and marketed by our traders all over the world. We also use on-line sources to strategically market appropriate product.

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