Consolidate and Reduce Vendors

Fewer vendors doesn’t have to mean fewer options.

Increased costs and organizational complexity often far outweigh the flexibility of maintaining a large vendor base. Smith's Supply Chain Strategies reduce the cost and risks associated with a large vendor base while, preserving flexibility. Smith's Supply Chain Strategies allow you to increase efficiency through vendor reduction and consolidation without compromising quality or limiting product access:

Smith can replace multiple vendors.

Smith can deliver any electronic component product line anywhere in the world. By searching the open market, Smith fulfills your entire bills of material, often reducing the need for multiple vendors and related administrative costs. Vendor reduction also helps you control costs related to quality by reducing the risk of non-conformance. Smith's SmithSecure Framework and internal Vendor Rating System ensure that products meet quality requirements.

Smith's years of experience partnering with thousands of vendors means that we are experts at managing multiple vendor relationships. With this expertise, Smith can manage supplier relationships for you, serving as a single point of contact.

An onsite Smith agent can reduce overhead.

By placing a dedicated Smith agent on-site, you can reduce overhead without losing real-time input for vital inventory planning and decision making.

Case Study: On-Site Purchasing

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