From the day Smith opened for business in 1984, we have worked overtime to earn the trust of our customers. Our focus is straightforward: We consistently and reliably deliver high quality, critically needed parts.

Hard Drives (HDD)

Our HDD global purchasing team, along with our dedicated sales and quality specialists, follow stringent procedures for sourcing, procurement, inspection, and testing to ensure quality of product and on-time delivery.

Kirk Wehby, VP Global Operations
hard drive testing
Hard drive shredding
Hard drive shredding
Hard drive wiping

Global Sourcing and Procurement

  • Commodity Expertise: HDD Commodity Manager and Specialists
  • Global HDD pricing and supply information
  • Long-standing relationships with HDD vendors and manufacturers
  • Secure sourcing and vendor management through SmithSecure Quality Framework
  • Robust proprietary trading and QA platforms
  • 13 global trading centers
    • Houston, Amsterdam & Hong Kong
    • 60 Country Partner Network / 15 Languages spoken

Functionality Testing

  • Complete diagnostic testing
    • Available on custom HDD test mock-up
    • Tests can be configured to customer specs
  • Active Hard Disk Monitor used to view power-on hours, drive attributes, and partition status.
  • PC Doctor Service Center 7.5 used to test drive functionality

Flashing OEM Utilities

  • Drives can be flashed at every Smith shipping and logistics hub
  • Proprietary firmware should be provided by the customer (preferably DOS based)
  • Utilities stored in locked zip files in secure test lab

HDD Shredding

  • Smith shreds drives, recycles the remains and provides certification
  • AMS-HD Series Shredder
    • Provides 1 1/2" shred width
    • Physically destroys hard drives, backup tapes, DVDs and assorted e-waste

Data Wiping

  • In-house data wipe machines permanently remove data from hard drives
  • Data wiping to Department of Defense (DoD) standards
  • Fully secured data wipe lab
  • Documented process: Certificate of Disposition
  • Qualified technicians:
    • Security, technical & quality training
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