Case Study: Shortage Sourcing

Smith & Associates sources hard-to-find part to keep production lines running.

shortage sourcingChallenge: A global telecommunications equipment OEM was facing a production shut down as a result of a part shortage on a critical IC. This company searched across a number of sources; neither direct nor distribution vendors could secure the part needed for production. With its product demand on the rise and hefty marketing dollars invested into its product release, this telecommunications company needed to quickly locate a reliable source for this hard-to-find part.

Solution: A Smith & Associates Account Representative who was experienced in sourcing ICs contacted this company and heard of their need. After identifying the specific part, quantity and lead time required by the OEM, Smith’s sourcing teams began checking across available channels immediately. Smith engaged its proprietary trading platform to search across its ten global offices. Long-standing relationships with thousands of trusted suppliers allowed Smith to quickly secure the parts. Smith’s Account Representative quickly relayed the pricing information to the customer. A relieved buyer sent a purchase order right away. The purchase order and sales order were processed, and the parts were shipped to Smith’s central shipping and logistics hub in Houston.

Within 24 hours, the ICs arrived at Smith where they were inspected and tested by quality inspectors in Smith’s in-house testing lab. The ICs were safely and securely shipped to the customer’s dock within 48 hour from the time the inquiry was received. The customer continued production as planned, without interruption.

Benefit: Smith’s shortage sourcing helped this customer avoid costly production delays. Because this telecommunications OEM was able to meet production demands, product was delivered to their distributors as scheduled and final product reached end-users without expensive downtime, backorders or penalties for late delivery of finished goods.

As a result of Smith’s quick turn around time and high level of customer service and quality control, Smith is now a preferred vendor for this telecommunication equipment OEM. Smith has since expanded its relationship to support this company’s manufacturing sites across the world.

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