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Smith’s recent media exposure has put a spotlight on many facets of the unique service and quality we have to offer customers. From commodity expertise to aggressive quality assurance, we’re leading the industry – take a look at these publications to see why.

Environmental Compliance Alert newsletter: “Real Problems/Solutions: Sustainability Cut Costs, Reduced Energy Demand”

In this sidebar, Smith Environmental Director Art Figueroa discusses the steps Smith took when working to “reduce [its] environmental footprint and improve [its] green reputation” during its sustainability overhaul. He discusses Smith’s audit of its headquarters facilities and how implementing the improvements the audit results suggested, such as cutting energy use and cost with cool-roof technology and installing a solar insulating system to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, reduced energy use by 14%.

Read article: “Real Problems/Solutions: Sustainability Cut Costs, Reduced Energy Demand” on page 7

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