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Smith’s recent media exposure has put a spotlight on many facets of the unique service and quality we have to offer customers. From commodity expertise to aggressive quality assurance, we’re leading the industry – take a look at these publications to see why.

Electronics Purchasing Strategies: “CES 2014: Chip Makers Collaborate — And Diversify”

In this EPS blog post, Smith V.P. of Global Trading Todd Traylor discusses the prevailing themes at CES 2014: diversification and collaboration. He details the shift, this year, of seeing a diverse array of chip solutions in expanding and diversifying markets like automotive and wearable devices, and discusses how these combinations “[open] new supply chain relationships, innovative solutions and directions for chip architectures, devices, and […] hardware-software collaboration […]”

Read article: “CES 2014: Chip Makers Collaborate — And Diversify”

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