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Smith’s recent media exposure has put a spotlight on many facets of the unique service and quality we have to offer customers. From commodity expertise to aggressive quality assurance, we’re leading the industry – take a look at these publications to see why.

EDN Network: “Component obsolescence: Is your process up to the challenge? (Part 2)”

In this follow-up to their May 10th article, industry experts from Smith & Associates and Rockwell Automation discuss how to handle end-of-life (EOL) situations when a LTB date is missed. They detail various ways that partnering with a trustworthy independent distributor can provide risk management assurance by “obtaining components to keep production going and to meet…real business (cost and timing) and quality needs” and “avoid[ing] or reduc[ing] the impact of LTB and EOL events.”

Read article: “Component obsolescence: Is your process up to the challenge? (Part 2)”

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