Commodity Expertise

Smith's Commodity Managers are market experts in supply sources, market values, and customer base. Specializing in Memory, HDD, Optical, LCD, ICs, and CPUs/chipsets, Commodity Managers act as a key resource for Smith's sales team and partners.

Because of their market knowledge and various vendor relationships, Smith Commodity Managers often help execute Supply Chain Strategies for the disposition of slow moving or excess inventory and help align customers with the right strategies for cost-saving opportunistic purchases and shortage sourcing. Smith Commodity Managers also maintain and collect product information to help customers manage component lifecycles.

Our market experts:

Todd Banker, Memory Commodity Manager

Todd Banker, Memory Commodity ManagerTodd is Smith’s commodity specialist for memory and has spent nearly twenty years as a Smith trader specializing in the memory markets. Todd is responsible for the continued development and growth of Smith’s memory business, supporting Smith’s traders worldwide in the evaluation of memory suppliers, coordinating purchasing efforts for memory, and maintaining inventory on consistent demand memory items. Todd first took on the role of Commodity Manager from 1999-2002. After managing Smith’s California office from 2002-2007, Todd returned to his Commodity Manager position through present day. Todd earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Southern Methodist University.

Juline Longo, CPU Commodity Manager

Juline LongoJuline joined Smith in 1993 and has gained nearly twenty years of commodity expertise through his work in purchasing. He took on the role of CPU Commodity Manager in 2012, and is responsible for leading Smith’s CPU Commodity Team and reviewing and assessing all of Smith’s CPU purchases and sales globally. Juline works closely with Smith’s traders to expand Smith’s customer base and CPU service programs and to organize CPU trading activities.


Megan Pedigo, Assistant Director of Purchasing

Megan Pedigo

Megan Pedigo manages Smith & Associates' peripheral purchasing team, supporting the organization of the company's worldwide transactions on hard drives, opticals, LCD panels, and PC spare parts. She oversees customer VMI programs and forecasting and procurement for service customers. Megan joined Smith in 2001 as a sales assistant to Smith's global offices, and has since served as a member of the support staff for service programs, the Operations Manager of service teams, and as Director of European Operations until late 2011, when she took on her current role.

Michael Welch, IC Commodity Manager

Mike Welch

Michael joined Smith in 2004 and quickly found a place in purchasing, where he gained key commodity expertise that led him to a lead purchasing role and to the eventual position of Senior Procurement Specialist. In 2010, he took on his current role of IC Commodity Manager, where he is responsible for supporting Smith’s worldwide offices in their acquisitions and dealings involving ICs and passive components. As leader of Smith’s IC Commodity Team, Michael works to consistently build Smith’s customer base and develop its IC service programs.
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