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The electronics business is fast paced. Current information put into context and made available when it happens is vital to keeping ahead of the curve. But the information you need can be different day-to-day. Big picture news and analysis, specific commodity trends, and open market shifts -- each can be critical to specific procurement and inventory strategy decisions.

SecureTech is our program that covers all your information needs with our Market Expertise.

Commodity Expertise

Smith knows the market on a personal level

Daily trading keeps our Commodity Experts current on market conditions. We’ve amassed that expertise here to provide you with video, audio and written reports from our team on key commodities: processors, memory, display panels and hard drives.

Market Blog

A look at the market from Smith’s perspective

The Smith Market Blog collects our in-house knowledge on a number of topics of current importance to the electronics business. Frequent postings expand on issues such as key commodity product changes, worldwide production data, or the impact of man-made and natural events on the supply chain. “Tags” make it easy to sort posts by topics that interest you.

Quarterly Review and Analysis

Smith offers real analysis, not market fluff

For several years now, Smith has been offering thoughtful analysis of important supply chain issues with a global reach. The MarketWatch Quarterly articles are thorough, engaging pieces that take conventional market thinking or theory and test it against market realities. The result is information and analysis that you can use to understand what has happened and what is on the horizon.

Biweekly News

Smith searches the headlines for you

Our MarketWatch Biweekly compiles the top stories in the industry and puts them in your in-box for a quick view of current relevant news. All those top stories are archived here on the website for quick reference.

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