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IoT Hardware Growth to Gain in 2015+

shutterstock 204446050 (230x126)Everyone is (understandably) excited by the promises of the Internet of Things (IoT). After all, to be honest, I've got end-devices that are definitely in the IoT realm on my holiday shopping lists, I'm betting you do too. The consumer moment aside though, there are real supply chain reasons for IoT excitement. The increased semiconductor and electronics penetration is always welcomed news, but while the forecast for growth for the IT side of IoT is lengthy, the hardware boom may only have a few years' runway.

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We'd Like to Include You: Smith's (simplified) Global Supply Chain Survey is open

30 logoHeading into the second half of December, the holiday season is underway and we are all looking to close out another year. This year was a special one for Smith, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and we expanded our facilities. We look forward to even more growth in 2015. But now, as the year closes and the industry and financial news quiet, we'd like to hear from you and focus on your perspectives through Smith's annual Global Supply Chain Survey.

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Semiconductor Growth Outpacing Economies

shutterstock 87510166 (230x129)Since the global economic recession and the early years of the last decade, analysts in the semiconductor and electronics market (myself included) have argued that industry cycles directly relate to economic cycles. The semiconductor and electronics industries are generally seen as dependent on consumer confidence and general financial stability. But then there's now and global semi sales are showing significant strength – great news for us, but how do we understand the disconnects with the global economic outlooks?

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The Real Strength in Holiday Sales are in Consumers' Hands

shutterstock 192471653 (1) (230x151)Now that the US retail push around Black Friday and Cyber Monday has passed, there are some worthwhile comments to make about market trends. It is not so much that either of these days provide us any special, unique insight into consumer demands, but they are underscoring more and more an important consumer trend that is decidedly solidifying. Mobile shopping, not deep discounting alone, holds the real key to consumers' attention. Why should we care about this fact? Simply because how people shop IS now directly relevant to our industry growth and demand cycles.

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Ready for Winter Holiday Sales Boosts?

blackfridayThis year, like every year, we look to the US Black Friday (and more recently also Cyber Monday) this (and next) week to foretell the remaining month's sales leading up to the holidays. The rumbling of concerned economists keeps rolling in but in stark contrast to the momentum of semiconductor and electronics demand, penetration, and consumer wish list rankings. What this means for the semiconductor supply chain is that in spite of the macro-economic concerns, electronics remains among the top consumer purchases forecasted for the 2014 winter holiday season.

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