NAND Manufacturers Enjoy 30 Percent YoY Increase in 2Q13

ssd image2Q13 wrapped up nicely for most of the major NAND manufacturers. Total revenue amounted to more than $5.75 billion for the quarter, which is a 30% YoY increase. Several items helped with this increase including smartphone and tablet demand, depreciation of the Japanese yen, and enterprise-grade solid state drives.

Autonomous Growth Increases Auto Semi's Rise

shutterstock 33816130The semantics of "mobility" is widening as we increase the capabilities of what are now "connected cars." Mobile continues to be the growth word for the industry, and the scope of what "mobile" entails is still growing beyond smartphones and tablets. Mobility has extended to include wearable electronics for a gamut of purposes such as health and fitness, medical monitoring, and of course general consumer electronics like Google Glass and the anticipated next round of "smart watches" due out for the winter holidays. On another mobile front, automotive electronics is steadily increasing the amount of semiconductor penetration in any given vehicle. On the consumer side, there is a shift in the importance of automotive electronics that consumers look to as differentiators to compare automakers and models.

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Extreme Challenges: Downhole electronic components

shutterstock 1801541The recent issue of the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) includes a noteworthy article by Robin Beckwith, "Downhole Electronic Components: Achieving Performance Reliability." In this article, Beckwith carefully reviews the significant challenges facing the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry with a well-rounded discussion of the challenges associated with supporting ruggedized electronic components. The onboard components for these tools must be capable of withstanding the extreme conditions of downhole Exploration and Production (E&P), such as the case for measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools.

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September Heating Up: Increased competition rises for smartphones and tablets

shutterstock 63268114The Fall unveiling of the newest round of consumer electronics devices is quickly approaching as we anticipate the upcoming Apple releases in September, to name one highlight. Market watchers are rumoring that Apple will be releasing similar sized iPhones and iPads for the coming Fall to existing models, but with improved displays that offer better resolution and lighter weight, among the leading new features.


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NAND Flash Technology Innovation Recognized

shutterstock 102132355The changing dynamics of the semiconductor and electronics industry include not only a reshuffling of market sector dominance, but importantly technology innovations driven by the rapid and continued demand for smartphones and tablets. Among the sectors realizing positive changes is memory that has benefitted from supply and pricing conditions which have pushed this often turbulent sector into positive positions for a number of months.

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