Planar NAND in the Company of Wolves

shutterstock 2237200Just when we thought we had plenty of changes in the NAND market to track, early 2015 brings us yet another set. Although conventional NAND construction nearly hit its limits, and 3D manufacturing is starting to take over, triple-level cell (TLC) NAND is expected to make a big push, especially in data center and high-end smartphone applications.

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Components and Regions Undergoing Major Shifts

shutterstock 68828854 (230x230)2015 will be a period of transitions and changes, both to regional balances and market share, as well as to component design, materials, tools, and the innovative solutions these changes bring for end-devices. These two major shifts will have lasting impact on our industry's supply chains and on the direction taken by important growth drivers, like IoT.

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Will the Gains in 2014 Happen this Year Too?

shutterstock 61449175Let's face it, for the majority of the semiconductor and electronics industry, 2014 turned out to be a banner year, all in all. According to SEMI, semiconductor equipment sales were up roughly 20% in 2014, year-over-year. Well, not quite for every market sector, but, as an industry, worldwide semiconductor revenue grew to US $339.8 billion, a 7.9% increase for 2014 year-over-year, according to recent Gartner data.

Smith is conducting its Global Supply Chain Survey again this year, please click HERE and with just 5-10minutes, you can add your voice and experience to the data that we'll be reporting on that later in this first quarter. We'd like to include your market views along with your industry peers!

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Detroit Auto Show 2015: Showcasing Smart

shutterstock 82744948Wednesday Jan. 14th is the Industry Preview for the North American International Auto ShowNorth American International Auto Show (NAIAS) (aka "Detroit Auto Show") but today is the first Press Preview day and it's been an exciting opening in Detroit already. On the heels of CES and all the impressive auto-infotainment and "Connected Car" news (see this blog by Smith's Todd Traylor from the CES floor), there's still more to see as 2015 auto industry blazes new trails.

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3D-Printed Bobbleheads at CES 2015

3D printing technology has been used to make a variety of essential (and expensive) items, from aerospace components to car parts to artificial organs. The 3D printed offerings at CES this year were of a more whimsical nature.

The 3D Printing Marketplace, which doubled in size from last year, featured over thirty companies. I saw companies who were 3D printing intricate chocolate and candy creations, wearables, and customized bobble heads.

“With huge advancements in digital technology, 3D printers are moving toward more compact units that are more suitable for consumers and capable of printing a variety of consumer goods, from toys and electronics to clothing, shoes and even food,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, International CES and corporate business strategy, CEA.

The Bobbleshop (powered by Digiteyezer) uses 3D printers to produce personalized bobble head figurines. They scanned my face with the EasyTwin Scanner and in seconds I was presented with my avatar on screen.

As you can see in the above video, you scroll through the touchscreen to style your avatar. There are hundreds of options for your 3D-printed figurine, ranging from football player to chef to bunny rabbit.


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