Crowded Elevator for NAND

shutterstock 197587172 (230x122)Last month we reviewed NAND flash memory numbers for 1Q14 which showed a decrease in sales resulting from a normally slow part of the year. Mobile devices contributed the most to the shrinkage in this dull season and as a result, NAND selling prices also decreased. So what do we expect to see in 1H14? With the expected release of the newest Apple iPhone and other Chinese smartphones in the Fall, combined with new SSDs from all of the manufacturers, it is predicted that NAND prices will increase as supply tightens due to the new builds. To further support this forecast, NAND manufacturers have no plans to increase capacity, aside from Samsung’s Xian plant which opened in May.

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LTE Revealing Smart Growth in Company Reports

shutterstock 204611131 (230x149)We're at the point in companies' cycles when clearer insight into the second-half of the year (2H14) can be presented. This week we heard from a few of the major chip companies that provide wide views to both the global supply chain and to regional markets. One of the key drivers mentioned across companies for both 1H14 positions and forward looking 2H14, is the impact of LTE and smartphone growth as well as Internet of Things (IoT).

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SEMI Equipment Reaches Highest Levels Since 2012 – Signal for Growth

shutterstock 196857266 (230x153)Two indicators that we monitor regarding longer-term momentum along the global semiconductor supply chain are the SEMI equipment book-to-bill ratios and the SIA global sales data.

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Supply Chain Shifts Demand Service Models that Front Savings and Quality

shutterstock 850521During the recent months, the industry news has focused on positive disruptions from new growth opportunities. The growth forecasts are based in IoT device expansion coupled with the strategically lower-priced end-devices for consumer markets globally. With price a critical element to the growth opportunities, supply chain shifts and new competition have companies exploring new relationships and service models that improve margins. This week, Smith's Jennifer Kabbara, Trader Development Manager, discussed in Global Purchasing the shift by purchasing managers to the independent distribution channel to realize significant cost savings while maintaining top quality. Also in the supply chain news is the discussion building around the direction of industry standards and quality metrics for maintaining counterfeit vigilance, as Matt Hartzell, Smith's Chief Operating Officer, discussed in Electronics Purchasing Strategies.

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PC Outlook – Looking for stability

shutterstock 50412238IoT news dominates the headlines, as do the market movements of smartphones and the question of smart device saturation in mature markets. Creeping more and more into industry news is the PC forecast, which, until recently, had been relegated to the negative news pile. Although much discussion has been tossed around regarding tablet cannibalization of the traditional PC market, laptops, notebooks, and desktops for enterprise use are not being displaced; their cycles have changed (see this Smith MarketWatch Quarterly report on early positive disruptions by smart devices).

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