Houston-Based Company Has Redefined Independent Distributor Industry Over the Past Two Decades

June 15, 2004
Houston-Based Company Has Redefined Independent Distributor Industry Over the Past Two Decades

Houston, Texas - Despite the dire predictions of George Orwell, 1984 turned out to be a pretty good year. This was especially true for Smith & Associates, the leading global semiconductor services company, which opened its doors that year and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Orwell's Big Brother never materialized, but the Ackerley brothers, Robert and Leland, arrived on the high-tech scene with the innovative Smith business model that continues to transform the electronic component service industry today. Their vision turned a fledgling small business into a $300 million global operation that quickly and reliably supplies manufacturers with the parts they need anywhere in the world.

Over the past 20 years, the Ackerleys have grown Smith & Associates into a $500 million per year business with more than 300 employees in nine offices throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. With the promotion of Kelly, the Ackerleys will shift their focus to business growth initiatives, trader and trading resource development, and to office network expansion. Kelly will focus on the day-to-day aspects of the business, leading all trading and administrative functions.

"Trust is born through reliability over time, and we knew we could be successful if we built that trust with our customers," said Robert Ackerley, president and co-founder of Smith & Associates. "We wanted to focus on their concerns – quality, dependability, speed, and price – and we created a network that was able to do just that."

The Ackerley brothers lost no time building Smith's reputation as a revolutionizing force in the industry. Smith pioneered just-in-time open market sourcing for electronic manufacturers and today counts among its customers most of the world's household names in computers, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. These companies rely on Smith's 20 years of expertise to source electronic components critical to rapid, high-quality production.

Smith's worldwide network of logistics and operations facilities allows it to source product much faster than the competition, and its proprietary trading platform, SalesChain, revolutionizes the way mission-critical, real-time information is shared worldwide.

Though proud of its 20-year record, Smith is more interested in the future, striving to maintain its cutting-edge vision and leadership. Robert and Leland Ackerley believe the organization must prove itself with every transaction, urging employees to a level of performance unmatched by other independent distributors. Each employee adopts the company philosophy that says, "Just about the only thing we can't do is get it there yesterday….but we're working on it."

About Smith & Associates
Founded in 1984, Smith & Associates (www.smithweb.com) is the No. 1-ranked independent distributor of semiconductors and electronic components to manufacturers and resellers of high-technology and computer equipment (source: EBN). Smith is a leader in just-in-time replenishment and has the ability to deliver large quantities of components anywhere in the world with very short lead times. Smith's ISO 9001:2000-certified worldwide headquarters and information hub in Houston is supported by sales, logistics, and warehousing hubs in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Silicon Valley, in addition to sales and purchasing offices in Barcelona, Guadalajara, New York, Shanghai, and Seoul. For more information or to reach a Smith representative 24 hours a day, please call SmithDirect at 1.800.HOUSTON or +1.713.430.3000.

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