Smith Market Watch Emerges as the Premier Source of Semiconductor Activity on the Open Market.

July 18, 2002
Smith Market Watch® Emerges as the Premier Source of Semiconductor Activity on the Open Market.

Houston, Texas - Smith & Associates, the #1 ranked Independent Distributor of semiconductors and CPUs, introduced Smith Market Watch 2.0 in April of this year and the service has quickly become the leading independent source of pricing and availability trends for memory, CPUs, hard drives, and other commodity components. Smith Market Watch provides the most comprehensive and accurate view of semiconductor activity in the global open market.

“The open market can appear volatile and unpredictable to those who are not involved with it on a daily basis,” stated Leland Ackerley, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Smith & Associates. “The open market is our business and has been for 18 years. As the established leader in open market distribution, with fully staffed trading offices across Europe and Asia, there is no better source for accurate industry information than Smith.”

Smith has seen an overwhelming demand from component buyers, purchasing managers, industry analysts, and journalists requesting Smith Market Watch to stay abreast of open market trends and other industry news. Smith Market Watch offers a global cross section of information that is critical to keeping a finger on the pulse of the volatile components market.

About Smith Market Watch
The Smith Market Watch newsletter provides information about:

  • Open market conditions, including current market shortages and oversupplies;
  • Pricing and availability trends on CPUs, memory, and other high demand commodity components;
  • Analysis of price and lead time fluctuations;
  • New technologies impacting the market;
  • Other news and information culled from Smith’s 24/7 global trading.

Smith Market Watch is available through a free biweekly subscription to customers, partners, and analysts who are interested in keeping up-to-date with the industry. Interested parties can register for this new service by visiting Smith & Associates’ website at and clicking on Smith Market Watch.

Smith & Associates
Founded in 1984, Smith & Associates ( is the #1 ranked (source: EBN) Independent Distributor of CPUs, semiconductors and electronic components to manufacturers and resellers of high-technology and computer equipment. With more than 15,000 suppliers and partners in over 60 countries, Smith is a leader in "just-in-time" replenishment and has the ability to deliver large quantities of components anywhere in the world with very short lead times. Smith's ISO 9001:2000 Certified Houston logistics and information hub is supported by sales, logistics, and warehousing hubs in Amsterdam and Hong Kong, in addition to sales and purchasing offices in Seoul, Guadalajara, Barcelona, and Silicon Valley. For more information or to reach a Smith representative twenty-four hours a day, please call SmithDirect at 1.800.HOUSTON or +1 713.430.3000.

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