A Message from Smith's Founders

A Message from Smith's Founders

Bob and Lee Ackerley

Thirty years ago, at the infancy of the tech boom that would transform virtually every aspect of our lives, we founded Smith & Associates with a singular mission: delivering needed components to the creators and manufacturers of technology products in real time. We are proud of the role we played in the growth and development of the most exciting and innovative industry in the world.

As we look ahead to the next thirty years, we see an even more critical role for technology:  helping humanity adapt to a changing global environment, and serving as a critical part of the solution to the growing problem of resource scarcity.  With respect to this second wave of transformative technologies, we are ready as always to provide our tech partners world class service in supporting their component needs, and are also “walking the walk” to make Smith a sustainable, climate neutral, and zero waste-to-landfill distributor. 

Our efforts started small: recycling office paper and packaging materials; converting to energy efficient lighting; and installing automatic switches to turn off lighting in rooms that aren’t in use.  On a bigger scale, we’ve now taken the major step of installing new energy efficient heating and cooling systems at our Houston headquarters fueled by solar panels on the roof of our building, and we’ve added electric car charging stations that are powered by a solar parking structure.  These and other technological advances will help us meet the goal of improving efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint and use of the world’s finite resources      

Thank you for visiting this web page with the details about our sustainability efforts.  Please come back often to see updates and view our progress.

Best regards,     

  • Bob Ackerley
  • Lee Ackerley
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