Why do you stay at Smith?

Saad A.
Int'l Account Representative

The chance of striking a big deal, the autonomy — not having to take orders or have a boss breathing down your neck. The thrill, the fun, and the success after hard work make me stay.

What differentiates Smith from its competitors?

David R.
Senior Account Manager

Innovation. Leadership. Relationships. Quality. Forward thinking.  And constant reinvestment into the company.

What would you like to say to someone who is considering employment at Smith?

Dan B.
Visual Designer

If you work at Smith, you’re going to gain more unique skills and experiences than anywhere else. There is so much room to grow within the company, and the opportunities for success are widely available.

Why do you stay at Smith?

Oscar A.
Procurement Specialist

I stay at Smith because it gives me the opportunity to grow with a company that has attainable goals and the resources to achieve them. During my first year, I had the chance to experience a shortage where Smith’s employees were able to come together to provide service for key customers, and lock in new ones.

Our People

At Smith, we’re constantly moving, growing, and evolving. The same goes for our people. With growth paths that aren’t set in stone, you can work creatively and flexibly to shape where you go and who you become in the Smith global team. As an entrepreneurial company at heart, we have the benefit of leadership that is always focused on innovation and willing to listen to – and invest in – employee ideas and growth. This has allowed members of our team to take on vital roles in new departments, initiate and lead company-wide projects, and make a genuine mark on the company. At Smith, you have a voice and you can make an impact.

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