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The center of the action at Smith is our headquarters in Houston. Join us here, and you'll find that there's more to be excited about than just your work at Smith. This booming city hasn't been shaken by the economic downturn, but is going strong, with steady growth, freedom from state income tax, and affordable costs of living for everything from health care to groceries to housing. Houston offers a broad range of housing options with competitive costs, standing out with the lowest cost of living among the twenty-seven other metropolitan areas with populations exceeding two million. With weather that lets you play sports and explore the outdoors all year round, a focus on public safety, first-rate educational institutions, commuter-friendly infrastructure (with an average commute of only 25.8 minutes), and some of the medical industry's best hospitals and care centers, this is a thriving place to put down roots.

But Houston's draw extends beyond great options for housing or a convenient commute. With a friendly and extremely diverse community, a wide array of professional sports teams, and world-class culture, this city is a rich place to be a part of. International cuisines, acclaimed museums, symphonies, and ballets, and other great entertainment and cultural venues make Houston – like Smith – a place to expand your worldview and your expectations.

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