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Smith & Associates knows electronic components inside and out. As the industry's top independent distributor, we're who major manufacturers turn to when the demand for their new phones or laptops leaves them without enough vital components for production, or when obsolescence or shortage makes getting needed parts a challenge. With an expert team and international reach, we help customers – from computing to energy to aeronautics and defense – get the parts they need, when they need them. Our focus on quality and investment in people, programs, and tools ensure that we provide our customers only the best parts and service.


Our Culture

The roots of Smith's success as a company are the people of our global team and the strong identity we've sustained and built up over the years. Our name may be ordinary, but our company is extraordinary, with a corporate culture that sets us apart.

Entrepreneurial Roots

Founded in 1984, Smith is privately-held and is built on a thriving, competitive, entrepreneurial culture. Since 2005, our sales have exceeded $3 billion, and we've maintained our leadership in the industry with supply chain expertise and component knowledge hard to find elsewhere. We're aggressive in our drive to provide top-quality products and great customer service, and our traders are driven and determined. Our fast-paced, internationally-focused environment is a place to let your ambition thrive, take risks, build lasting customer loyalty and relationships, and build up a strong foundation for your success.

Commitment to Sustainability

Work with Smith, and you become part of a company whose green programs are setting an example in the industry. Our focus on sustainability runs deep: from the solar panels soaking up sunlight and powering our global headquarters with clean energy to the recycling programs at each of our global offices, we're always looking for the next step we can take to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Relaxed Environment

A casual dress code and relaxed environment are part of our corporate culture. So wear a tie or wear shorts to work, and enjoy working with a warm and cooperative company team. Frequent company events strengthen friendships and the great team dynamic in our company, supporting what we already know: our strength and uniqueness lie in our people.

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