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Our Top Tech Picks from CES 2016


Each year, tech enthusiasts eagerly watch the seemingly endless array of products revealed at CES in Las Vegas. Some become tech mainstays, while others disappear by the following year, but it's always fun to guess what will be the year’s hottest product. We asked Smith & Associates employees to weigh in on their top tech picks from the latest crop of gadgets to come out of CES 2016.

Jason Torres

LG’s 18-inch rollable display

Really excited for the rollable 18” color LG displays. They are just 1mm thick and can play even while being rolled. Imagine your newspaper or magazine interacting with you like in the Harry Potter movies. Also, how nice would it be to roll up your 60-inch TV while moving? – Jason Torres, International Account Representative, Houston

Brent Davis

EHang 184

Without a doubt I am most excited about the possibility of the EHang Personal Transportation Drone. I’ve been complaining that here we are in the “future” of 2016 and I still don’t have a flying car. Well it looks like we’re one step closer. That being said, once they approve regulation I won’t be the first transportation drone customer. I’ll let them iron out the kinks of the first versions and stay alive awhile longer. – Brent Davis, Account Manager, Houston

Todd Traylor

Oculus Rift

At CES this year, I tried several virtual reality offerings from big companies, specialists, and startups. All were entertaining and fun, but the experience of the Oculus paired with Asus was perfect. The phrase, ‘you have to see it to believe it’ may be overused in some contexts, but not with the Oculus. It is, indeed, virtual reality... – Todd Traylor, Vice President of Global Trading, Houston

Myriam Garza

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

I think for today’s lifestyle, where everyone in the family is so busy, it is great that you can use your phone to check what you have in your refrigerator. It is amazing how a refrigerator has become so sophisticated and full of electronic components. – Myriam Garza, Senior Account Manager, Houston

Candy Zhou

EHang 184

I’m excited about the unveiling of the world's first drone capable of carrying a passenger, from Chinese drone-maker EHang. Imagine using it to travel a short distance to avoid terrible traffic jams in a big city. It would be amazing to see a brand new mode of travel! – Candy Zhou, Business Development Manager, Shenzhen

David Feldbaum story


Balancing work and life with two active kids makes finding time for my TV shows difficult. DVRs like the TiVo BOLT help decrease the amount of time we spend watching TV, allowing more time to focus on other facets of life. More importantly, looking at the insides of a DVR clearly puts an emphasis on the materials Smith supports. From HDDs and DRAM to flash and more, opportunities present themselves for cost savings. – David Feldbaum, International Account Representative, New York

Jeremy Beunder

BMW i8

What comes to mind first is BMW’s announcement of a mirrorless car. The automotive industry has been growing fast the last few years, and with all the new electronics added to cars, I expect this will be a good market. Some cars have more software than an airplane now. – Jeremy Beunder, Senior Account Manager, Amsterdam

Nora Gibbs

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator

Of course, there’s a reason everyone’s talking about the Samsung fridge. It will scan your fridge for you and make a list when you are out of one of your staples. As a mother of two girls who are constantly forgetting when they finished the milk or used the last of the eggs for a science experiment, it would be amazing to have my fridge send me a note that I’m out. – Nora Gibbs, Account Executive, Houston

Emily Brown
Written on Friday, 08 January 2016 16:26 by Emily Brown

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