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Five of the Coolest New Gadgets from CES


Now that CES has officially begun, we’ve started seeing tons of fun, practical and crazy product announcements.

Whether you want to streamline grocery shopping, make your home more eco-friendly, or connect with a new robot friend, the latest crop of tech wonders has you covered.

Here are a few of our favorite products unveiled at CES so far.

  1. LG rollable LED display
    Last year’s curved TVs have nothing on LG’s new paper-thin, 18-inch OLED display, which you can roll up like a newspaper while it continues to play a video. LG announced the flexible display in 2014 but waited until CES for the public reveal.
  2. CHiP the robot dog
    This adorable canine A.I. from WowWee will wait for you by the door and play fetch just like a real pup. CHiP contains an array of sensors and features and connects to its owner with a special Bluetooth-connected Smart Band.
  3. Samsung Family Hub refrigerator
    Samsung’s latest contribution to your smart home boasts a 21.5-inch touchscreen on its front and will remind you to order groceries. Three hidden cameras snap photos and let you know when items run low.
  4. The Segway Robot
    Segway partnered with Intel and Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to build a kind of hoverboard, which can transform into a robot. Intel’s Ninebot Segway Robot, also called the ‘Hoverboard Butler,’ has detachable arms and is powered Intel’s RealSense technology.
  5. Hydrao smart showerhead
    This smart showerhead helps keep water conservation front-of-mind. Built-in LED lights change color to indicate water usage. This eco-friendly product is powered by the flow of water through the shower via a tiny turbine inside.

Keep an eye out for further CES announcements throughout the week here on the Smith Market Blog and on Twitter (follow us @smithweb).

Emily Brown
Written on Wednesday, 06 January 2016 11:23 by Emily Brown

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