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Intel’s Pre-Show Keynote Will Kick Off CES 2016


This evening at 6:30 PT, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will deliver the first of CES’s pre-show keynote addresses, offering a look at how Intel’s technology is integrated into and changing people’s everyday lives. The keynote will give a macrocosmic view of computing innovation as a whole, too, with a look at the key trends that we can expect to see making waves in the industry.

Intel’s keynote and panel discussions later in the week are planned to touch on the “experiences made possible by technology in a wide array of consumer passions,” delving into how Intel’s technology is changing the experience of health and fitness, entertainment, gaming, and other areas. We’ve already seen an example of how tech is touching every area of our lives in the early pre-show focus on auto innovations, with offerings by Nvidia, Faraday Future, and Ford touching on topics from self-driving autos to the connected car. 

Now, Intel will push the conversation even further as CES prepares to officially open January 6. With panels on AI and cognitive computing, cybersecurity in the age of IoT, up-and-coming innovations to watch, and advanced wearables’ entry into the sports sphere, the Intel team will offer a lot of insight on where electronics are going – and where they’ll take us in the process.

You can watch Intel’s keynote live tonight on their website. And keep an eye out for further updates from Smith here on our blog and on Twitter (follow us @smithweb) as CES kicks into full swing!

Amanda Pate
Written on Tuesday, 05 January 2016 15:43 by Amanda Pate

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