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COMPUTEX 2015: Expansion of IoT


Over its long history, COMPUTEX has been a tradeshow focused on the PC industry. Yet in recent years it has shown signs of evolving with the electronics industry as a whole, and that's abundantly apparent at this year's show. Organizers and exhibitors at COMPUTEX 2015 are emphasizing the Internet of Things (IoT) – an environment of smart devices that interact with the user seamlessly and provide a platform for applications and services.


One of the applications that's exploding this year is 3D printing. COMPUTEX booths showcasing 3D scanning and printing highlight the increasing options available in this market. 3D tech companies are showing light-curing 3D printers; double-nozzle 3D printers; 3D double lens scanning devices; large size 3D printers; high-strength material 3D printers; 3D camcorders; and more.

IoT opportunities are also on display in the growing electronic wearables market. An IDC research report estimates that, by the end of 2015, the quantity of wearable devices shipped globally will increase from 19.6 million units to 45.7 million units. Shipments of devices worn on the wrist, such as smart watches, continue to grow, as do those of newer smart clothes and glasses. Major players like Honeywell and Inventec are among the many at COMPUTEX to showcase wearables at their booths this year.  

Ford is exhibiting again this year at the Nangang Center – alongside tech titans like Intel, Microsoft, and Acer. More evidence of the growing presence of IoT.

The changing theme of COMPUTEX mirrors Smith's evolving support towards the IoT industry. As manufacturers refocus on developing wearable devices and integrating technology into everyday items such as cars, washing machines, and clothing, Smith's expertise and experience grow more and more relevant to a wider audience.

Mark Bollinger
Written on Thursday, 04 June 2015 00:00 by Mark Bollinger

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