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Electronica China 2015: Regional market expansions are 2015+ story


The positive market movement we are seeing for the semiconductor and electronics industry rests not just on the proliferation of the smart devices that are extending growth but importantly the regional expansion of growth across various markets and sectors including consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, automation, networks and servers. At Electronica China 2015, March 17-19 in Shanghai, regional leaders and innovators are gathering to collaborate in order to realize the growth potential that is possible this year and forward. Electronica China, now in its 13th year, has truly matured, much as the regional Asian market in which it is located, as our Smith team at Booth 3172 explains.

Asia's hub deepens

Asia has long been a central point for the semiconductor and electronics industry, but as we are increasingly seeing the rise of regional markets and regional OEM branding, there is a deeper level of growth and supply chain networking that is noticeably different than in the past. Both China and India, among some of the other leading APAC countries, have intentional growth strategies for high-tech industry development (from manufacturing, sourcing, assembly, distribution and building up local brands/OEMs). This means that there are new opportunities for global services to connect the many existing, long-standing businesses with a widening global supply chain that is more focused on the emerging market opportunities. Mark Bollinger, Vice President of Marketing at Smith & Associates, recently published a blog for Electronics Purchasing Strategies delving into the opportunities opening in Asia.

As a result of these regional and global changes, there are very real and new demands that are dictating how supply chains are now woven together. There is much greater demand of distributors and service providers for not only a local presence, but a real proficiency in local knowledge, local connections, and local sourcing than we've seen previously. Electronica China presents an excellent opportunity for global leaders to come together and forge the best network relationships. As Mark Bollinger, Vice President of Marketing for Smith recently offered about Smith's presence at Electronica China, "Electronica is one of the electronics industry's leading events, and Electronica China offers the unique opportunity to interact with one of the industry's most vital markets," said Bollinger. "Asia's constantly evolving market demands keen industry awareness to know and support this region."

Quality is always first

With these new supply chain connections, there is, of course, the need for an increased attention to anti-counterfeiting solutions and testing. For Smith, this is an important service offering and a hallmark of what the Smith name has stood for, for over 30 years now, "Quality First." Smith has also long had the leading testing and anti-counterfeit detection lab in Asia, located in Hong Kong, and it is staffed with industry certified quality engineers and professionals.

Smith's booth at Electronica China 2015 showcases not only our global services and sourcing capabilities that are customized to meet specific, strategic goals, inventory management needs and highest-quality standards. As Kirk Wehby, COO for Smith & Associates, recently wrote for EBN Online:

Distributors are not made alike, and neither are counterfeiters. Counterfeiters succeed through opportunism. Distributors who are prepared, skilled, have deep industry and market knowledge, and have invested in internal quality management processes and procedures are the best elements of an anti-counterfeiting solution. Wrapping the latest, high-tech laboratories and leading, certified quality engineers overseeing, informing, and running the quality processes for counterfeit and substandard part detection is the antidote to counterfeit components.

Visit our Smith Team at Electronica China, Booth 3172. More from the trade show floor will be coming this week! Stay tuned!

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 13:34 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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