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Day 3 Live at Electronica 2014: Next generation component solutions for the IoT world


The tempo at electronica has not let up – the fast pace continues as we all move through many booths and displays of the next generation of devices. These devices are, of course, supported by new component designs, packages, and materials. Hand-in-hand with the upbeat tempo at booths, is the excitement and positive outlook for the winter holiday season and the 2015 year. Despite a year of ongoing discussions around the European Union (EU) and global economic stability, the forecast for the semiconductor and electronics industry is strong. At the heart of these positive outlooks and supporting the very upbeat feel at electronica this year are the many opportunities for increased electronic penetration across many markets and regions.

Smart continues to evolve

Smart technology is extending the features and capabilities of smart phones as well as moving into a diversifying set of wearable devices, automotive electronics, smart home technology (meters, appliances, security, etc.), and importantly also supporting improved, smart manufacturing for the industrial sector. Notable at the various component booths, is a focus on IoT support and ultra-low powered components. Energy efficiency both within devices and devices that support increased efficiency are becoming more important in synch with the increased attention and demand for SmartLife and SmartCity capabilities as part of the new IoT era.

Among the Consumer Electronics (CE) component unveilings at electronica are an exciting set of new components and next-generation materials. These new technologies include Bluetooth smart solutions for multi-device capabilities, advanced optics for image stabilization, new Wi-Fi and wireless LTE applications, LED and smart lighting solutions, among other IoT advanced (smart) solutions.

Also showcased at electronica are an expanding set of solutions for automotive components including new materials, chip packages, wireless charging, and vehicle-to-other device (V2X) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technologies that support traffic flow, navigation updates, and safety both on-board and connecting with shifting environments.

IoT and hard security solutions

At electronica, among the many seminar sessions, booth displays and constant interchange between attendees, the challenge of increased security. With the proliferation of smart, wearable devices, and many more connection points in the cloud through which data will flow (e.g., for health, fitness, home automation, business, vehicle, etc.), there are increasing questions about how to improve security. One of the CEO Roundtable 2014 discussions focused on IoT and the state of the industry as a whole. As electronica noted, " According to a study conducted by Machina Research, 14 billion combinable devices will be on the global market by the end of 2022. As a result, new fields of business are developing in many application sectors such as the automotive and health-care sectors." Among the solutions discussed during the roundtable are the many opportunities available, as reported by EETimes, Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon Technologies offered the following positive view: "The semiconductor industry opportunity is hardwired security to provide a backbone to which all applications can be attached."

The continued roll-out of IoT solutions is promoting an exciting range of new component, material and security solutions. The positive growth in the semiconductor and electronics industry is very much rooted in the expansion of IoT and smart capabilities across devices and through market sectors, industries and regions. With the steady and sustainable growth pattern that the industry has seen this year, perhaps one of the most encouraging observations offered at electronica was noted by EETimes, Rick Clemmer, executive director, president, and CEO of NXP, commented that "The semiconductor is [historically] boom/bust, but we don't see a huge boom, so no bust."

Mark Bollinger
Written on Thursday, 13 November 2014 18:46 by Mark Bollinger

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