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Unveiling of Premier Service, Logistics, and Test Hub: Smith's 30th anniversary marked by growth and expanding quality services



This week in Houston, TX, Smith & Associates is celebrating its 30th anniversary by bringing together Smith teams from across our global offices in order to mark the many years of leadership, growth, expertise, and ever-deepening commitment to quality.

One of the major events was the touring of Smith Headquarters' world premier hub that will house over 8,000 square feet of newly dedicated Operations offices and over 50,000 square feet of warehouse and in-house testing labs. Smith's state-of-the-art labs are outfitted with the most advanced tools to verify component authenticity and functionality in addition to providing customized, supply chain solutions and services.

Centralizing and expanding operations

This world premier hub will bring together and build upon Smith's flagship Operations capabilities that extend across logistics, testing, quality processes, anti-counterfeiting, in addition to the many customer-based services that Smith offers. Each capability and team in Operations will see a significant expansion of space and facilities – the new hub is dedicated to support the expanding services and domains for meeting customers' individual requirements.

Centralizing the many facets of Operations into a premier hub is really just one piece of the growth momentum that Smith is experiencing. Building on the strength of Smith's services, quality programs, resources, expertise and people, Smith now has the ability to provide even greater flexibility for flexible supply chain solutions. The increased physical space in addition to the continuous growth and advancement of our testing capabilities moves Smith's worldwide supply chain management solutions to a next level.

Quality is behind the growth story

Smith's Houston Operations will now be physically centralized but this expansion is rooted in the success of Smith's existing, unique framework, SmithSecure,SM that has integrated Smith's global operations and industry-leading business processes for a number of years. The quality initiatives housed under SmithSecure framework extend across the four pillars of Smith's best practices: SecureSource,SM SecureService,SM SecureTest,SM and SecureTech.SM Over the years, Smith has increasingly integrated the full set of leading business processes and procedures to define what quality means including the many decade compilation of a "Gold Standard" historical database for all types of components – a cornerstone record for verifying part authenticity.

Similarly over the decades, Smith has continuously earned and added to its wide array of industry recognized certifications and standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008, Cert # 43796
  • ISO 14001:2004 Cert #43797
  • ISO 17025 for US and Hong Kong
  • AS9120
  • ESD 20.20 Certificate for US, Hong Kong and Amsterdam
  • C-TPAT security standards
  • US Customs' elite Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) program (Smith is the only electronics company that has qualified to enter this program)
  • CCAP-101 for US and Hong Kong hub offices
  • Level 1 CCCI-102 certification held by 31 Smith inspectors
  • E-Stewards enterprise

Enriched facilities expanding services

The news in Houston surrounding the 30th anniversary Smith Headquarters is one of momentum and continued growth. The new cutting edge facilities, automation, integration, and our record of industry best standards and quality leadership continues provide Smith's customers the most up to date supply chain management and service solutions backed by a solid record of quality. We look forward to continuing to support and to meet our customers' demands for the next 30 years.

Art Figueroa, Vice President, Global Operations
Written on Wednesday, 14 May 2014 07:26 by Art Figueroa, Vice President, Global Operations

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