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Ringing in 2014 on Positive Disruptions and Sustainable Strategies


As the last post of 2013, it seems more appropriate to look forward than recap what we know, after all there are plenty analysts providing all our 2013 round-up news. 2014 is poised to be an exciting and positive one on a number of fronts, wide and narrow:



  • Looking inward, Smith & Associates will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2014, which is something we are very proud of and thankful for. We look forward to providing you with a number of ways to "Get to Know Smith" again, after all, we have all changed and grown while keeping true to our stable core values of quality, relationships, and unequaled service to our customers.
  • A little more midstream, we will be adding new content to our site, contributing to interactive discussions through industry website blogs and articles (e.g., we will be regular contributors to and, among other occasional pieces across the industry).
  • During 1Q14, we will be analyzing and reporting on the findings from our ongoing Smith Global Supply Chain Survey, which we hope that you will respond to (or already have!). This is a quick, 10- to 15-minute survey that will provide all of us important insight into the trends that most affected our global supply chain in 2013, and the issues that your peers are watching and working on in 2014. If you choose, you may also be entered to win an iPad Mini upon completing the survey. PLEASE share your unique insight with us! See last year's report here.
  • Of course, Smith will continue to provide in-depth discussions of leading industry topics through our long-standing MarketWatch Quarterly reports. Our next Quarterly, which closes 4Q13, will be sent to subscribers in the next couple of weeks (free subscription here).

Previewing the upcoming Smith MarketWatch Quarterly, we are providing a focused discussion and peer planning piece on Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM); our second piece focuses on the end of Moore's Law and the exciting, positive disruption that we expect to gain in momentum beginning in 2014 – diversification is truly opening and the opportunities across the semiconductor spectrum are exciting.

We are already packing our bags to bring you the latest news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas, where Smith professionals will join the fray and help you navigate what some of the most important news stories are from the floor, as they happen!

Thank you for an interesting and dynamic 2013 that we could share and from all of us at Smith & Associates, we wish you a very Happy New Year 2014!

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Monday, 30 December 2013 15:52 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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