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COMPUTEX 2013: Mobility and Specialization Everywhere


Financial analysts and industry experts offer valuable views of the electronics industry.  We wrote about it last week, in a post about the “PC Shift,” which cited IDC’s downgrade of 2013 PC sales and robust growth numbers for smartphones and tablets. 

But this week we are in Taipei at COMPUTEX 2013.  And there’s no substitute for an up close look at what the major players, and the up-and-coming new entrants, are developing and promoting.  Instead of numbers and forecasts, the second largest IT trade show in the world showcases the ideas and optimism driving the future of the industry. 

The shift away from the PC is here – and, while much of it shows in the abundant new mobile devices there’s also increasing specialization.  Lots of bloggers are on the show floor with real-time pieces on the new products as they are being announced.  We won’t try to compete with that.  But we do see these products as supporting our sense that mobility and specialization really are the directions that the PC is shifting toward.

The big splash so far has been on the mobile front: the unveiling by Intel of its Haswell processor series.  This is Intel’s fourth generation Core processor series, which promises to increase performance and power efficiency for mobile products.  Also, ARM announced its Cortex A12 processor targeted at the midrange smartphone market – a market that ARM believes is going to explode.  In addition to these big component announcements, the number of new mobile products – tablets, smartphones, etc. – is dazzling. 

Perhaps quieter, but just a pervasive are the innovations in specialization.  As everyday life becomes more digital, electronics - and that includes PCs – are evolving in interesting, specific ways.    A glace on some of the COMPUTEX d&I and Taiwan Excellence award winners shows movement into some highly specialized sectors and activities:

  • Retail: point-of-sale systems from Poindus Systems , Poslab Technology, Posiflex Technology and Datavan International;
  • Education: JP Inspiring Knowledge’s Notebook and Tablet for education; 
  • Gaming: peripherals from KYE Systems and ASUSTek;
  • Travel: D-Link travel routers; and
  • Home security: D-Link’s Wireless N 360 degree Home Network Camera

In addition, Ford is exhibiting at COMPUTEX again this year, highlighting the growing importance of IT technologies and products in the automotive industry. 

So the PC is shifting – but it’s not dying – a conclusion that isn’t at all surprising from an industry that’s built on change. 

Mark Bollinger
Written on Monday, 03 June 2013 21:01 by Mark Bollinger

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