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Preparing for COMPUTEX Taipei 2013: Tech's central role in "Smart Life"


June 4th – 8th is COMPUTEX Taipei 2013, and with over 1,700 exhibitors and roughly 5,000 booths, Smith will have a number of people on the show floor as well as at our booth N1029. Next week we'll be reporting live from COMPUTEX to help keep you informed of what is going on at the largest information and communication technology (ICT) trade show in Asia.


What to watch for

Among the leading announcements, forums, and demonstrations that everyone is anticipating next week, include the following:

  • Intel's 4th generation Core processor family, formerly code-named "Haswell," which is optimized for mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and the latest suite of Ultrabooks
  • Intel announcements related to upcoming "Bay Trail" chips designed for tablets and PCs
  • AMD's lowest-power accelerated processing unit (APU), a quad-core x86 System-on-Chip, code-named "Temash," for tablet, hybrid, and clamshell notebook PCs, which also won a Best Choice Award for COMPUTEX 2013
  • Acer Windows tablets with smaller displays running on Haswell processors
  • Asus, MSI, and many others demonstrating new Ultrabook line-ups
  • Broadcom's Best Choice Award for their latest GPS technology, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) location chip with geofence capabilities – the BCM47521
  • Multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices and components
  • The latest generation of Smart tech components, solutions and end-devices
  • The latest service solution strategiess from leading supply chain experts

Exhibitors demonstrate tech central role in "Smart Life"

Exhibitors will cover a wide array of the latest electronics and high tech industry, from chips, components, and system products to the full spectrum of end-product devices for communications, computing, mobile, peripherals and accessories, to name a few.

The Best Choice (BC) Award 2013 winners were announced for this year's COMPUTEX which covers nine (9) product categories and five (5) special Golden Awards, with the overall "Best Choice of the Year" being announced at the opening of COMPUTEX on June 4th. This year's BC Awards focused around the theme of "Smart Life," which illustrates the central role that components and technology play in daily life.

As we saw at Mobile World Congress (MWC) and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we fully expect that COMPUTEX will be the spotlight for the latest generation of components that are truly at the core of the hottest devices. This year's trade show focus on the architecture and design of components to improve device features, functionality, and battery life is an essential market driver during this commoditization cycle for mobile and portable devices.

Stay tuned as we move our reporting to Taipei next week and relay the latest from one of the leading, global trade shows.

Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.
Written on Thursday, 30 May 2013 20:11 by Lisa Ann Cairns, Ph.D.

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